“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky

Colors are set within the theme.ts file. The theme.ts file contains a typescript variable named theme which controls the colors, styles and typography.

export const theme = {

The included theme.ts includes all of the configuration options (most are commented out as default settings with two slashes //). Uncomment them to override the theme.

Change the primary color

Find this section of the theme file.

  colors: {
    // tonalOffset: 0.2,
    primary: {
      main: '#227a88',
      // light: ({ colors }) => lighten(colors.tonalOffset, colors.primary.main),
      // dark: ({ colors }) => darken(colors.tonalOffset, colors.primary.main),
      // contrastText: ({ colors }) => readableColor(colors.primary.main),

Change the color. Not sure what to change it to? Try randomly guessing a hexadecimal value (0-9 and a-f are valid values). It also accepts human friendly colors like orange.

Change the primary text color

Or not...

    text: {
      primary: '#424242',
      // secondary: '#4e566d',

Change the footer background color

Pick a color.

Or change any other colors you want.

    footer: {
      main: '#424242',
      // main: ({ colors }) => colors.primary.main,
      contrastText: 'white'

Free time

Play with some various colors.

Notice you can use typescript to calculate colors, if you wish. That is beyond the scope of this training exercise.